BINGHAMTON, NY – Bella Vita is this weeks Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce Business of the Week.

Bella Vita was established in 2018 as a health and wellness company by professional speaker, Carrie Verrocchio .

She says since 2018, her company has grown into women’s empowerment.

It’s designed to help women leaders step into a greater power.

Verrocchio says she started this because of her older brother who passed away from cancer back in 2010.

He told her that she had a gift and to promise him that she’ll spend the rest of her life helping others.

Then after he passed he came to her in a dream, that really started it all.

“As we were talking in the dream, he said to me- ‘Little sister, I am here to give you a message. Life is short- choose wisely.’ I will pass that on to you, life is short, we have one time make your choices count,” as Verrocchio.

Verrocchio does everything from hosting women’s events, coaching women 1 on 1 or in groups, she’s written books, has online programs and much more.

If anyone is interested in learning more you can visit