BINGHAMTON, NY – A local museum and paranormal group are inviting the world to join them on their next adventure.

The Bundy Museum of History and Art is partnering with Empirical Paranormal to participate in the World Wide Ghost Hunt.

The event features live streams of haunted places all over the world for free.

Director of Development for the Bundy Janna Rudler says that they’ve partnered with Empirical multiple times and they always seem to pick something up.

Rudler says the Bundy regularly experiences paranormal events, the most common being heavy footsteps upstairs.

She says the museum has always welcomed investigators with open arms.

“I’ve been working here for 8 years. And, in that time, I’ve experienced a few things here in the house that I couldn’t personally explain. And it kinda wigged me out a little bit, so it makes me feel, for one thing, somewhat reassured. Because, Empiricall Paranormal assures us that there’s nothing insidious going on here,” says Rudler.

Those interested in watching just the Bundy part of the hunt can visit the Empirical Paranormal Facebook page tomorrow from 7 to 11 P-M for a live stream.

If you’re interested in watching a variety of investigators from all over the world you can visit and make an account.

And, if you still haven’t got your fill of the paranormal, the Bundy also offers detailed virtual ghost tours on the third Friday of every month.