WASHINGTON, DC – Negotiations on the Build Back Better Plan are still ongoing, and many on Capitol Hill are ready to wrap up talks and reach a deal.

NewsChannel 34’s Basil John joins us as the President continues to pitch his agenda.

The debate on infrastructure has waged for weeks, but an end could be in sight.

President Joe Biden says he’s close to a deal with his Build Back Better Plan.

“So let’s get this done,” says Biden.

Progressives and moderates have debated back and forth over the past few weeks on the substance of the bill and the price.

“These bills are about competitiveness vs complacency,” says Biden.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill waits in limbo until progressives say they see a way forward on the President’s social spending bill.

“And this isn’t just to invest in our physical infrastructure. We also have to invest in our people. That’s what my second bill, the build back better plan, does,” says Biden.

President Biden says both of these investments will advance the country on the world stage.

“When we make these investments, there can be no stopping America. We will own the future,” says Biden.

Democrats say there is an agreement on 90 percent of the current Build Back Better bill.

“No one ever said passing transformational legislation would be easy, but we’re on the track of getting it done,” says Senator Chuck Schumer.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer says his party is focused on helping Americans, but Pennsylvania Republican Congressman John Joyce and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell say Democrats are irresponsible.

“This is reckless spending. We’re allowing the Democrats, the socialists, to go on a spending spree,” says Joyce.

“Our Democratic colleagues and President Biden, or behind closed, doors, dreaming, up, creative. New ways to grab literally historic amounts of the American people’s money,” says McConnell.

The House could vote on both infrastructure bills as early as this week.