BINGHAMTON, NY – Members of the Binghamton University’s basketball team visited Port Dickinson Elementary today to interact with the students.

The athletes visited 10 classrooms ranging from kindergarten to second grade, reading books and answering questions.

Junior guard Denai Bowman and Sophomore forward Elena Delicado both enjoy being engaged in the community and meeting the little kids.

They both add that since the community comes out and supports them, they like to do things like this as much as they can.

“Just seeing the development in how they grew up, how they’re so engaged and look to us like female basketball players as an inspiration as something they can do in their future life,” says Bowman.

“I always love little kids and talking to them because they get so excited when they’re just talking to like an older person or they’re like ‘oh look at this really cool thing that I just did’ and they’re so excited to show you and talk to you so I just love that,” says Delicado.

They met with kindergartners to read them a book called ‘Pete the Cat,’ which the children love.

A similar event was held last year, however due to COVID it was held via Zoom.