BINGHAMTON, NY – Some Binghamton University students are giving back to their adopted hometown.

Francess “Myrph” McMahon is a longtime dog trainer in our area. 5 years ago, she created Stand with Me to train service dogs for veterans with mental health disabilities. And she does that training in the upstairs of her own home.

The veterans all tell me that the dogs love to come here. As soon as they pull up my driveway the dogs start getting excited and happy,” says McMahon.

But the one catch is that they’ve had to walk through her kitchen to reach the upstairs training room.

That’s where the PricewaterhouseCoopers scholars come in.

The B-U school of management students are partnering with Broome County Habitat for Humanity to build a new separate entrance for the vets and their dogs. Leila Sayan is the club’s president.

“the organization is in her home, so it’s super difficult to get grants and stuff, because anything that you add to the organization is going to add value to her home,” says Sayan.

The scholars raised over $16,000, enough not only for the stairs, but an outdoor walkway and signage. McMahon says she’s thrilled to have the improved access.

“now the training room will be open to them anytime they want to come here they can use it, also the training yard kinda belongs to them,” says McMahon.

Stand With Me has graduated 29 veteran and dog teams since early 2017.

Myrph says the pandemic has been tough on some veterans who already had a tendency to self-isolate. And it made fundraising difficult for her organization.

So, the leg up couldn’t have come at a better time.

If you’d like to learn more about her organization, or make a donation, go to