BINGHAMTON, NY – There’s been a special recognition for a researcher at a Binghamton University start-up that may also be poised for explosive growth.

32 year-old Kenneth Skorenko, the Chief Technology Officer at ChromaNanoTech, has been named a Top Millennial in Manufacturing in New York State by FuzeHub.

ChromaNanoTech uses nano-particle chemistry to alter the composition of metals so that they can withstand higher temperatures and heat up more quickly.

Through the use of infrared-absorbing additives, ChromaNanoTech is working on making it possible to use copper in a 3-D laser printer.

Its also looking to use the technology in plastics that can absorb the heat of the sun coming through windows, which could lower a building’s cooling costs.

Skorenko says the research keeps uncovering new potential uses.

“There’s just something great about science because, if you find an answer to one thing, it’s really easy to see how it can be applied in so many different ways. I shouldn’t use the word ‘easy’ because it depends on who you are. But I like it. I like finding the connection between all of the different fields,” says Skorenko.

ChromaNanoTech was founded in 2014 based on Skorenko’s research at BU.

He says the technology has advanced to the point where he’s lining up potential customers and looking for investors to fund a large scale production facility.

It’s currently still in the incubator stage using space in BU’s Center of Excellence building with support from Start-Up New York.

FuzeHub is a non-profit funded by Empire State Development that assists small and medium-sized manufacturers in the state.