Broome County to install cameras on school bus stop signs in order to catch those passing a stopped bus


BROOME COUNTY – Broome County is one of the first counties to put some new legislation into action.

Today is Operation Safe Stop Day, which serves to educate drivers about the dangers of passing stopped school buses.

Broome County is in the process of installing cameras on the arms of school bus stop signs, making it easier to identify those breaking the law.

The cameras were authorized by a recent state law.

Fines will also now be issued to the owner of the vehicle, not the driver directly.

Transportation Supervisor at Union-Endicott, Lisa Bennett, says there have been multiple issues with drivers passing buses.

She says prior to the installation of the cameras, if a driver didn’t get the license plate, color and model of the car, there was nothing they could do.

“As a bus driver, you’re at a bus stop, you’re concentrating on the kids getting off the bus, where they’re going, crossing the street. There’s literally no time to capture all that information. And with these cameras now the drivers have the ability to focus on what they need to focus on, which is the children that are outside that bus,” says Bennett.

Signs regarding the new law have already started going up in the county.

From May 24th to June 24th there will be a warning period for offending drivers, and after that fines will be sent out, beginning at $250.

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