Broome County showed its support for the Red Cross as the organization is recognized nationwide. 

The annual Broome County Blood Drive was held at the county office building in Binghamton today.

March is Red Cross Month in the U.S.

While the drive was open to the public, many county employees came out to give blood including County Executive Jason Garnar. 

Senior Account Manager for the Southern Tier Red Cross Theresa Blank says with such a high demand for blood donations, anytime is the right time to give. “It’s a constant daily need. There is always a need, we have to collect 13,000 units of blood every day. Whether it’s a snow day, Red Cross month or the middle of July, the patient need is constant. And right now we are in emergency need.”

Blank says that emergency need means that there is only a 1-day shelf life on the national blood supply.

Anyone looking to donate can find local drives and register on Red Cross Blood dot org or by using the Blood Donor App.