BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Members of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office are patrolling the community through rose-colored badges this October.

Thanks to an initiative from Corrections Officer Jennifer McPeek, who has been helping several members of her family fight breast cancer for nearly 20 years, the Sheriff’s Office is going pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of October, over 80 members of the Broome County Sheriff’s Corrections and Road Patrol divisions will be sporting pink badges and patches as they participate in the Pink Patch Project.

“My mother is a breast cancer survivor, so is my sister-in-law,” McPeek said. “It’s an issue that effects so many families across our community, so I wanted to do something special to help local families who are fighting this terrible disease. The response and support from the community and our team here at the Broome County Sheriff’s Office has been wonderful.”

The Pink Patch Project is a campaign that that brings members of local law enforcement together with the community to help raise breast cancer awareness as well as funding to help families in need. With 1 in 8 women in the US at risk of developing breast cancer, the issue affects every community nationwide.

“We’re so proud of Officer McPeek for coming to us with this idea, organizing the effort and seeing it all the way through to fruition,” said Sheriff Fred Akshar. “The men and women of the Broome County Sheriff’s Office are proud to bring the Pink Patch Project to our community to help raise funds for local families battling cancer, and we’re encouraging the public to join us for an important cause that truly effects all of us.”

The Sheriff’s Office is encouraging the public to help join the fight against cancer and lend their support to the project by visiting their online store to purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirt, patch, or any other item. All of the proceeds will go to the Tina Fund, a local organization that supports families affected by breast cancer. The organization assists those in need with expenses related to the fight such as bills, groceries, childcare, and other necessities.

To date, McPeek has raised nearly $4,000 through contributions and sales of patches, badges, and other custom merchandise.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the store is only open for a few weeks this year. To check out the available merchandise, click here.