BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – A new class of first responders have officially graduated from the academy.

The Broome County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Academy held its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2023 on Friday at the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena in Binghamton. This year, the academy graduated 38 new Officers and Deputy Sheriff’s from 17 law enforcement agencies.

The graduation ceremony concluded the graduate’s six-month journey to a career serving and protecting their communities with grueling military-style training, learning defense tactics, shooting firearms, studying law, and more.

Congressman Marc Molinaro was chosen as the Keynote Speaker for the ceremony. He thanked the new graduates for their commitment to serving the community and left them with an inspiring message.

“You are so important to all of us. You will be the example some young boy or girl will turn to when they’ll say, ‘I want to grow up to be a cop.’ Be the example they need you to be. You will be pressed, and you will come to a breaking point, and you will remember the training and the trainers who taught you to deescalate, to navigate and mitigate and to instead of breaking in that moment, showing the strength and compassion that they know, and you know you have,” said Molinaro. “You will be asked to respond at times when no one else will. Please be the example we know you are. Always. You have been made for this very moment, and you, with the training and time that you’ve poured in, will rise to the occasion.”

Broome County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Academy Director Lieutenant Jan Cower also spoke at the event.

“I and the rest of our instructors have done everything to prepare you for a career in law enforcement. They have given you with base knowledge, concepts, tactics and mental toughness to succeed. It’s up to you to apply them, improve them and strive for more. Always be professional and treat people with respect. Don’t forget what you have learned here,” said Cower.

To check out the live stream of the 2023 Graduation Ceremony, visit Broome County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook.

Click here to view the 2023 Law Enforcement Academy Graduation Video.