Broome County sees few accidents during storm


BINGHAMTON, NY – If you need to travel during the remainder of the storm, people are asked to observe safe driving habits.

Since the storm began, Broome County Emergency Services hasn’t had to deal with any major issues surrounding public safety.

Due to the duration, and fall rate, of the snow, people have been able to either travel at a safer rate, or simply stay home if that option is available.

Emergency Services Director Michael Ponticiello told NewsChannel 34 that as of this morning, there have been 24 car accidents in the past 24 hours.

While that number could certainly be higher, Ponticiello is reminding people to take things slow so they don’t become a part of the statistic.

“People, just as they’re driving, just allow for that extra time, slow it down a little. Make sure that you’re being safe about it. Really, it’s just about, if you can allow, just a few extra minutes to slow down a bit, everything usually turns out a lot better that way,” says Ponticiello.

Ponticiello says that the largest difference between calls to dispatch from this storm and the one in December is that fewer people were able to drive at all during the last storm so there were fewer accidents.

However, he did say that there were more larger issues in December such as structure collapses.

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