BINGHAMTON, NY – A Facebook page dedicated to creativity, kindness and positivity is turning five.

“Broome County Rocks” on Facebook is a public group with over 16,000 members.

The page encouraging painting normal, every day rocks and leaving them in places around town for people to find.

If you find a rock, the next step is uploading it to the Facebook page for others to enjoy.

Paintings on the rocks can be anything from inspirational quotes to creative and eccentric images. Anything goes as long as it’s appropriate.

If you decide to keep a rock you find, the page encourages you to leave one behind.

Here are the rules from the page:

When you find rocks that have been painted on:

•post on our group your pics and/or stories and then relocate the rocks to a different location for someone else to find.

•you may keep the rocks you find as long as you replace them with rocks you’ve painted

•make sure to keeps rocks outside, please don’t place them in any stores or facilities