A coalition aiming to combat childhood death in Broome County is sharing ways to keep kids safe.

The Broome County Child Fatality Review Team has released a report after looking into 83 cases of unexplained and unexpected deaths from 2007 to 2016.

According to the report, 48 percent of cases were considered accidental deaths that include drowning, allergic reactions, chronic illness or smoke inhalation.

However, 33 percent of cases were sourced to unsafe sleep conditions for infants.

Broome County Director of Public Health Rebecca Kaufman says parents, caregivers and babysitters need to make sure they follow the right steps when putting babies to sleep.

“Safe sleep is very important for all babies in our community. It’s a simple message, ‘ABC’ – Alone, on your Back in a Crib with no extra blankets, bumper pads, pillows, stuffed animals or anything that can create a barrier leading to suffocation or asphyxiation,” said Kaufman.

14 cases were also reported where a parent was sleeping with their infant, which is another safe sleep risk.

The Child Fatality Review Team is made up of medical, law enforcement, child welfare and public health professionals and was established in 2009.

You can find the full report at this link.