Broome County is helping its employees take the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Broome County is partnering with local health experts and fitness centers and has established a Workplace Wellness program for County, State, and City of Binghamton Employees.

Each week, there will be a lunch and learn series where wellness, exercise, and yoga will be discussed.

Tuesday’s lesson features Derek Stupski of Stupski Fitness in Binghamton.

He says making big changes starts with little steps.

“When we’re starting to make lifestyle changes, it’s more about phasing things in and phasing things out as opposed to doing things cold turkey or by diving and jumping right in. That’s when things become unsustainable for a long period of time,” says Stupski.

The employees can attend the seminars at no cost.

Other partners include Elite Chiropractic and Sports Care, The Binghamton Health Campaign, and Binghamton Zen Den.