Lawmakers are getting to work on Broome County issues as the legislative session began Thursday night.

The 15-person legislature is made up of one entirely new members, with some returning familiar faces.

Democrat Bob Weslar, of district 13, representing Binghamton’s First Ward and the west side.

The return of Daniel D Reynolds caused a few headaches in regards to including middle initials to differentiate him from his cousin and re-appointed Legislative Chairman Daniel J Reynolds.

They approved the rules for the year and appointed clerks and assistants.

Drama unfolded at the end of the year as Democrats criticized Republicans for tanking county reserves to restore the 50/50 municipal sales tax split.

Chairman Reynolds says he’s ready to work with the new administration.

“I think if as long as he comes up with good ideas and has legitimate ways of moving Broome County forward, we’ll look forward to what he has to propose.  He has the enthusiasm to do it.  We’ve worked on the Legislature before and we got along fine.  We don’t always agree, but I’m the youngest of six, and my brothers and sisters didn’t always get along either,” he said.

Democratic Minority Leader Mark Whalen says taxpayers are concerned about the economy and bringing jobs to the area.

“I’m looking forward to some change from the past 5 years. I’m looking forward to having adult discussion on what direction Broome County is going to go. We need jobs. Jobs are definitely the biggest problem,” he said.

Whalen says other issues include infrastructure and heroin.

Reynolds says committee assignments have been finalized.

This is the second time Reynolds was elected Chairman.

He first took the position last year when Jerry Marinich stepped down to take a different county position.