Broome County is making a change to its health plan that will result in an estimated $5 million in savings.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar and Risk Manager Thomas Dellapenna announced that the county will join the Keenan Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition.

The county will add its 6,000 members to a network of over 600,000 members in an effort to lower prescription prices.

Dellapenna says the county can receive lower prices by joining the coalition, similar to buying in bulk.

“By taking the county’s 6,000 members and joining it with 600,000 lives gives us bargaining position with pricing with pharmacy benefit managers to experience a significant savings on our current pricing to what our new pricing would be with the pharmacy coalition,” said Dellapenna.

Garnar says no changes will be made to the individual plans and coverage.

He also says the move may result in a savings of $10 million because New York State has proposed to match any savings that result from shared services.

The resolution will be voted on by the legislature next month.