Additional funding has been secured to help improve record management in Broome County.

County Clerk Joe Mihalko announced that a grant has been awarded through the Regional Economic Development Council to conduct a Regional Records Management Facility study.

The study will focus on assessing existing records management functions and explore the creation of a consolidated regional records storage program.

There is currently a storage facility located on North Floral Ave in Binghamton.

He says it would be a big benefit to have everything in one place. “Just so it’s organized better for the county and for the villages towns and cities. It saves some money for these towns and villages. Especially for instance in the City of Binghamton. They use a vendor where they store a lot of their records and it gets very costly putting the records in and having to pull them out again.”

Some of the records that are stored at the current facility include assessment books, court records, deeds, mortgages, adoption records and files from the District Attorney’s office.