BINGHAMTON, NY – While still recovering from COVID-19, County Executive Jason Garnar gave an update as to why the counties dashboard is looking a little different.

This dashboard has been a way for the community to see the breakdown of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Garnar stated that these changes to the dashboard were made to show how the county will be operating from now on.

Active cases has now been changed to newly active cases because with more at home tests being taken, Garnar says he understands that not every positive case may be reported.

“At the end of the day, we can only report to you what is reported to us. This change represents more accurately what information we are receiving,” says Garnar.

Total cases has now been changed to cases reported in the last 5 days.

This change came into effect when last month the CDC changed the isolation period to 5 days.

After 5 days, you are no longer considered active by the new CDC standards.

Lastly, the way hospitalizations are being reported has changed as well.

Previously, only Broome County residents were being recorded, now anyone that tests positive in a B-C hospital is being recorded, regardless of home address.