BINGHAMTON, NY – Broome County Executive Jason Garnar addressed the rising COVID-19 numbers in the county today.

Garnar kicked off the Boost it Broome campaign by getting his booster shot and encouraging all residents to get theirs if they are able.

Vaccines and boosters help people to stay out of the hospital, something that is critically important right now in the county.

UHS Wilson Hospital as well as Lourdes may be forced to cancel elective surgeries next week due to limited bed capacity and staffing.

Elective surgeries include procedures such as kidney stones, hip replacements are more.

There are currently 67 people in the hospital with the virus.

“The other thing is not being able to discharge to nursing homes, a lot of local nursing and nursing homes across the state are not taking people from hospitals because of their own staffing issues. We also have a lot of people that are sick. A lot of people are coming in with respiratory issues and those types of things, but then COVID is really kind of breaking the hospitals,” says Garnar.

Hospitals will know if they must delay these surgeries by Monday.

Garnar adds the Willow Point, which is still in a state of emergency due to staffing, will receive help when 12

National Guard troops are deployed to help through the holidays.