BROOME COUNTY – With COVID cases on the rise again in Broome, County Executive Jason Garnar gave his first briefing in over a month.

Cases are now averaging around 100 new ones per day, in comparison to the 20 or 40 we were seeing in March.

Garnar adds that while this is nowhere near the spike we saw in January, with about 800 cases per day, the community still has to be careful.

Hospitalizations aren’t in a bad spot, either, but are going up.

Garnar asks residents to please not assume your scratchy throat or stuffy nose are just seasonal allergies.

“Please don’t assume that that’s the case. Stay home and get yourself a test. There is an abundance of home tests available now, we’re not back in the days where it was impossible to get a testing appointment or find an at home test at the pharmacy. Test are literally everywhere now,” says Garnar.

If you’re looking for a home test, you can get one at the Broome County Health Department and many other places in the community, such as libraries.

The Health Department also wants to remind everyone to remember to report their at home tests online and begin their 5 days of quarantine from the onset of symptoms.