ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 News) A piece of Elmira’s history is stolen from the Mark Twin grave site.

Mark Twain’s daughter erected a memorial monument in the Woodlawn Cemetery in 1937.  On it, are bronze portraits of Mark Twain, and her husband Ossip Gabrilowitsch.  Friday morning, the Woodlawn Cemetery received a phone call from someone visiting the grave site, and they reported the Mark Twain portrait was missing.  After searching the immediate area with no success, the Superintendent of the cemetery filed a police report.

The portrait sits 12 feet off the ground, and the Superintendent believes whoever took it off must have used a ladder and other tools to take it down.

“It’s pretty sad someone would spend the time up there to detach this from that monument.  It’s portrait of Mark Twain and I don’t know why they would take that for scrap value. It would be crazy to try and get rid of something like that. I think it was just vandalism. I’d sure like to get it back,” said Bryce Cuyle who serves as the Superintendent of the cemetery.

There are no known suspects at this time.  Anyone with information on the portrait is asked to contact authorities.