JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Before leaving town, two dancers in “Pretty Women” left their mark on some local school children.

Students at Saint James School in Johnson City were treated to a Broadway Dance Workshop by the performers, where they were taught a sequence from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s iconic musical “Cats”.

The students even gave themselves new Jellicle Cat names to truly embrace their roles in the dance.

Hank Santos, an ensemble member in “Pretty Women”, started the workshops last year when he came to the Southern Tier for “Cats” and was contacted by the school to host a lesson for the children.

Now in his second year, Santos hopes the experience he gives students, encourages them to pursue the arts.

“There’s so many things that you can do with your life,” Santos said.” You don’t have to follow one certain path. You know, even if musicals maybe aren’t your thing. You hear music and you decide ‘hey, maybe I want to play that’, or you see someone performing and go ‘oh I want to be an actor’, or I want to be on a stage or I want to be behind the scenes on a stage, you know, working on lights or sound or whatever. There’s so many things and so many lanes that they can go down, and this is just a great time for them.”

With performances in Binghamton wrapped up, Santos and his cast mates will continue their regional tour throughout the coming months.

The group started their tour in Utica last month and plan to finish in Scranton sometime in May.