Brindisi votes no to a resolution aimed to reduce Trump’s war power


Congressman Anthony Brindisi bucked his party yesterday as one of only 8 Democrats in the House of Representatives to vote against a resolution aimed at reining in the Trump administration.

The War Powers Resolution introduced by the Democrats sought to force the White House to seek Congressional approval before taking any additional military action against Iran.

Brindisi, a freshman Democrat whose 22nd District includes Binghamton, says that when it comes to national security, representatives need to shed their party labels and do what they think is best for the country.

“I do believe there was an imminent threat and that the administration was justified in taking him out. Having said that, we have to sit down with the administration. I encourage them to continue this path of de-escalation. Nobody wants another war with Iran but we have to be able to respond to imminent threats from that country and its proxy organizations.”

The resolution still passed, largely along party lines with only three Republicans voting for it.

Its future in the GOP-controlled Senate is uncertain.

You can watch our entire interview with Congressman Brindisi here.

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