BINGHAMTON, NY – Congressman Anthony Brindisi visited the area’s only functioning hemp processing and manufacturing plant earlier today.

Brindisi met with Kaelan Castetter, the CEO of Castetter Sustainability Group, to tour the facility and discuss the issues the hemp industry is currently facing.

Brindisi, who has long been an ally for the hemp industry, was shown some of the products made on site , as well as an up-close look at the bottling process for the company’s CBD oil.

Castetter says those in the hemp industry are used to not having representation in the government.

However, Castetter believes the backing by Brindisi has made an enormous difference in the industry gaining traction.

“Every single time there’s been an issue, whether it’s the USDA, the FDA, getting legislation co-sponsored, the congressman has been there for us. And that’s huge. You can’t put a value on that, and having someone in your corner, in Wahsington D.C., on the Agricultural Committee, someone who is going to stick up for you. So, we’re very thankful. And his support has been there the whole time. It’s not just during election season, it’s the whole time,” says Castetter.

Brindisi said after the tour he was very impressed with the facility, and believes that Broome County and the Southern Tier hold the potential to be a leader in the hemp and CBD industry.