Brindisi supports of Nation’s Stainless Steel Act, which passed through the House


Congressman Anthony Brindisi secures a win for American manufacturing in the house.

Brindisi’s Support Procurement of our Nation’s Stainless Steel Act, or SPOONSS, passed through the House of Representatives. The bill directs the Department of Defense to purchase any stainless steel flatware or dinnerware from domestic companies. There was a similar bill in existence but it was eliminated in 2007 when it was believed that US companies could not meet the Department of Defense’s demand any longer, but Brindisi says the industry has since rebounded. The congressman says this is all about supporting American business.

Brindisi says “Well I think what this bill really comes down to is supporting American Manufacturing and supporting AMerican workers over counterpoints in countries like China. I’ve always been of the belief that if we’re going to spend tax payer dollars as a federal government then it should be going to support American companies and American manufacturing. I hate to see that money going over seas when we have a better product here in the United States and we have workers that are supporting the domestic economy.”

A big winner in this is Sherill Manufacturing, which is believed to be the only remaining flatware company in the nation located in Oneida County.

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