Brindisi shows support for animal abuse legislation


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. – Congressman Anthony Brindisi wants the federal government to crack down on animal abuse, through tougher penalties and better enforcement.

The freshman Democrat announced his support for three bills during a stop at the BC Humane Society today.

The first would address horse soring, a process where trainers intentionally inflict pain on a horse in order to artificially alter their gait for performances during horse show competitions.

The second would strengthen regulations on animal breeders in order to put an end to unscrupulous puppy mills.

And the third would make it a federal crime to maliciously commit animal cruelty on federal land or during interstate commerce.

Brindisi says poorly treated puppies can lead to heartbreak for their unsuspecting owners.

“The stories from these puppy mills are horrendous. Dogs found with open wounds, emaciated dogs with their ribs and spines showing, and dogs with moldy food, dirty water, and in filthy cages. This is unacceptable,” Brindisi said.

NewsChannel 34 has partnered with the Broome County Humane Society and Matthews Auto Group to promote Clear The Shelters, a pet adoption campaign spearheaded by NBC Universal.

Clear The Shelters Day is Saturday, August 17th and you can find out more about providing a forever home to local cats and dogs at a display outside NYSEG Stadium before that evenings Rumble Ponies game.

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