Brindisi reflects on first 200 days in office


TOWN OF BINGHAMTON – With Congressman Anthony Brindisi passing the 200 day mark in office, NewsChannel 34’s Dylan Kuhn sat down with him to talk about the work he has done so far.

One of the big focuses of Brindisi thus far has been supporting veterans of which there are 50,000 in the 22nd district.

His bill the Suicide Prevention Coordinators Act which is aimed at helping curb veterans suicides by making VA services easier to access, was passed in the house.

He has also placed an emphasis on agriculture spending a lot of time with local farmers and bringing in Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue to the region to discuss the issues our farmers face.

Brindisi says it’s his job to address the issues of residents of the 22nd district in the most effective way possible.

“Over the next few months and year we’re going to continue to focus on bi-partisan legislation. We’re going to work with democrats and republicans to try and get things done. We don’t care where the idea comes from as long as it’s a good idea I’m going to support it because that’s what the people ion this region sent me to Washington to do,” Brindisi says.

Going forward he wants to place an emphasis on lowering prescription drug costs by making it easier for generics to get to market, along with addressing infrastructure that is in desperate need of repair.

Brindisi says he also wants to explore ways to improve the agriculture labor needs.

He says farmers are in need of reliable workers and one way to address that is by providing a path for immigrants to come here legally to work.

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