Brindisi moves into his new office


Congressman-Elect Anthony Brindisi will be sworn in on Capitol Hill in two weeks.

The Democrat won a hard-fought battle over Republican Claudia Tenney last month to represent New York’s 22nd District which stretches from Oswego through Utica down to Binghamton..

Andrew Donovan of our sister station WSYR was there as Brindisi packed up his old Assembly office in Utica for the move down to DC.

Anthony Brindisi: “This will go to Washington.”

Maybe he used it up to win the election, but Anthony Brindisi didn’t have any luck when it came time to choosing his office on capitol hill.

Anthony Brindisi: “It’s the closest thing you can get to the NFL draft. There were 85 offices open, 85 slots you can chose from.”

He drew number 79, leaving him to pick one of the last six available.

Anthony Brindisi: “The view is not great. but to me, it’s not the view that matters, it’s what happens inside the office. I’m just thrilled to have an office down in Washington.”

He’ll be thrilled to fill up this totally empty suite on the third floor of the cannon house office building. But first, Brindisi has to pack up his assembly offices in Albany and downtown Utica.

Anthony Brindisi: “The stuff that I’m going to bring to Washington will remind me of back home, because that’s where my heart is going to be.”

He’ll hang the old photos of Utica and Rome he already has — and plans to add reminders of Madison, Cortland, Oswego and Broome to his heavily Oneida county collection.

Anthony Brindisi: “I have a lot of classic Utica stuff around my office.”

Andrew Donovan: “Schultz and Dooley.”

Anthony Brindisi: “Schultz and Dooley. We’ll bring a lot of this stuff to DC.”

Beer steins from the famed Saranac brewery, a Yankees baseball helmet signed by staff members from his first campaign, and a personalized jersey from the AHL game hosted by the Utica comets, a team Brindisi helped bring to Utica.

Anthony Brindisi: “This is probably the closest I’ll come to being an actual hockey player. so this is something I’d like to hang down the wall in Washington.”

Andrew Donovan: “You’ll have to do some checking as a congressman too, it’s about the same.”

Anthony Brindisi: “You’ve got to have sharp elbows as a member of congress.”

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