From Claudia for Congress:

June 18 2018

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Fourth Time’s the Charm? 
Brindisi and Albany Democrats Vote Again for a $90 Billion Single-Payer Scheme 

New Hartford, NY – On Thursday, Anthony Brindisi voted for Governor Cuomo’s Albany run single-payer healthcare plan for the fourth time that would create a $90 billion tax hike for New York families. This vote comes after Brindisi’s biggest donor, Nancy Pelosi, recently stated that House Democrats would consider this far-left health care option in Congress.
“Anthony Brindisi’s long record of backing Cuomo and Pelosi’s far-left policies is grossly out of touch with families in the Mohawk Valley and the Southern Tier.  Putting government in charge of health care, and eliminating employer provided insurance is a step too far,” said Raychel Renna, Campaign Manager for Claudia Tenney for Congress. “San Francisco liberal Nancy Pelosi donated $14,000 to Anthony Brindisi and her Super PAC has already poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect Brindisi to Congress because she knows Brindisi would vote for her radical agenda to pass socialist healthcare, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and gun control.”

Last Thursday, Anthony Brindisi voted for Governor Cuomo’s single-payer plan for the fourth time. In May of 2017, Brindisi voted for government-run health care out of Albany.  In 2015 and 2016, Brindisi voted to create universal single payer health care for New Yorkers while then Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney voted against the plan.
According to The Wall Street Journal, New York’s single payer healthcare bill would require roughly $90 billion in new tax revenue and the bill would be partly funded through an increase in state payroll taxes, hurting lower and middle income families, and small businesses. 

A recent poll revealed that the majority of New York families reject government run healthcare.