BINHAMTON, NY – A local nursing home and rehab center is taking matters into its own hands when dealing with our area’s shortage of nurses.

The Bridgewater Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Binghamton held a graduation ceremony last week for 7 new Certified Nursing Assistants or C-N-A’s.

The women recently completed the center’s 100 hour training program and, according to Bridgewater, passed the state examination with great scores.

Janelle Blackwell says that it addition to launching a new career, the training may also come in handy when caring for her aging father.

“They set you up with TNA’s first so that you can get used to it before they throw you into the CNA class so you already have a little bit of hands-on experience. It’s free, so after you graduate with them, they automatically give you a job. So, it’s really nice,” says Blackwell.

This was one of many CNA graduations that Bridgewater is holding this year.

The nursing home says the workers can also go on to be trained as licensed practical nurses and get promoted.

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