BROOME COUNTY – Broome County voters will choose from 4 candidates to fill 2 vacancies for Family Court Judge.

One of the candidates is Republican Brett Noonan of Noonan Law in Endicott.

He specializes in family court and matrimonial law and serves as an Attorney for the Child within the court system.

Noonan is also a longtime volunteer with the Vestal Fire Department and a member of the Broome County Dive Team.

He says he’s spent more time in Family Court courtrooms over the past decade than any other candidate.

“I’ve been in the courtroom almost every single day for the last 10 years, grinding it out, seeing these people, having the hands-on, being before the judges, arguing our cases, protecting our children. So, I think that experience hands-down sets me apart,” says Noonan.

Noonan says the campaign has taught him who his true friends are and he is grateful for the support of his family.

All this week, we are running stories with the 4 candidates.

You can see their full interviews here.

Election Day is November 2nd, although early voting begins this Saturday.