Breaker repair


Breakers usually trip because of a short circuit, an overload, or a fault in one of the devices connected to the circuit. But if a breaker continues to trip, after you’ve unplugged all appliances and turned off all switches on that circuit, you could have a bad breaker. The actual steps in replacing a breaker are fairly simple. However, it requires a great deal of knowledge to do the job properly. For this reason, breaker repair is not recommended for most homeowners. Here are some of the many factors that must be considered, when replacing a circuit breaker. First, only a certain number of breakers may be installed in each panel. The breaker must have the right amp and voltage rating for the circuit it’s on. To avoid shorts, the wiring must be carefully stripped, and only one wire can attach per breaker. It’s also best to use a breaker made for your particular panel; if it’s made by a different manufacturer, it must be approved for the panel you have. To find out more about replacing circuit breakers, speak with a qualified electrician.

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