ALBANY, NY – This past week, Lawmakers were staying at the Capitol into the early morning hours waiting to see the language of the new gun legislation.

The governor then added the equality amendment to their agenda. Newschannel 34’s Jamie DeLine gives us a breakdown of the legislation.

The senate has passed new gun legislation, however it has yet to pass in the Assembly. One Republican lawmaker telling me he’s planning on voting no, because he doesn’t think it has constitutional muster.

The legislature on Friday taking up the Governor’s program bill on gun legislation, defining sensitive locations concealed carry would be prohibited. In addition, there is an amendment to penal law to change the term body vest to body armor. Once enacted, this will apply to a broader array of protective equipment.

“Body armor such as what was used in the Buffalo Massacre would be covered and all kinds of body armor. This is a very pro-police, pro-law enforcement because the police do not want criminals to have body armor and being emboldened.”

There will also be ammunition background checks, and New York State will become a point of contact state; something I asked Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins about.

“Leader, can you talk about NYS being a point of contact state? What does this mean, and how does this impact New Yorkers?” “Well, Generally we were using the federal government in order to do the background checks. Now, NYS police will be very involved in that as well. So that the information that’s available within New York State will be apart of the background check. Gun dealers will have contact the state police and say we are selling guns, so that we become very much apart of the background check, which again is extremely important.”

Also on Friday, Governor Hochul issued a proclamation to enshrine abortion rights into the New York State’s Constitution and met virtually with President Biden to talk about reproductive rights.

“Literally at 2 AM this morning, while we were still working on the gun legislation, I changed my proclamation to say we will also include for further protections in New York State, what we call the Equality agenda—this will prohibit discrimination on the basis of pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes and reproductive healthcare and autonomy. We are one step closer as of this afternoon. I think it’s going be passed by both houses, to enshrine abortion rights in our state constitution.”

This already passed in the senate, however it would have to pass in the legislature twice before eventually being voted upon by the public.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.