BINGHAMTON, NY – A couple broken down radar devices belonging to the Broome County Sheriff look brand new thanks to the work of some BOCES students.

Students in the auto body classes made repairs and painted 2 mobile traffic control devices.

The speed signs which are transported on trailers are about 15 years old and were rusting.

Other students helped repair broken lights and faulty wiring.

Deputy Robert Stapleton asked the students if they could refurbish the speed signs so that the Sheriff’s Office didn’t have to purchase new ones.

“The students here did a wonderful job. They look brand new. These speed signs go out everywhere, all over Broome County and they’re to make motorists aware of their speed and to slow them down,” he said.

Stapleton says the project cost the Sheriff’s Office 40 dollars in materials instead of tens of thousands to replace them.

He says the signs communicate through a cell connection, transmitting data on the amount of speeding at particular times of day so that deputies can target their enforcement.

Stapleton says they’re also used as message boards for events or in cases of emergency.

He says they’ll be out on county roads now until next winter.