BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Local high school students raised the roof, or rather a wall at the newest Habitat for Humanity house.

Broome-Tioga BOCES Carpentry students raised the first wall of Habitat’s newest project behind the BOCES facilities.

BOCES Carpentry students will continue to build the structure of the home, and when that’s done, plumbing and electrical students will begin adding wiring and water connections.

When completed, the house will be situated at 6 Linda Drive, just up Glenwood Road, and directly next door to the last house that was completed by BOCES Students.

The Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity, Mari Giurastante says that the organization has created 26 homes for financially burdened families.

“This specific partnership is very special to us, not only because of BOCES commitment to Habitat for Humanity, this is our third year now working with them or third house working with them. But also because it gives us an opportunity.”

The partnership between BOCES and Habitat began with the first housing project dating back to 2016.

One carpentry student, Gack Woodcock says that the planning process started at the beginning of the year, when the students were given blueprints of the house.

The future owner of the house says he is incredibly thankful for the partnership of the two organizations, and that he plans on coming up and helping throughout the construction process.