“Bloodfly” film visits Binghamton


BINGHAMTON, NY – An independent film made it’s way to Binghamton to shoot some of the final scenes of it’s production.

NewsChannel 34’s Emily Lattimer visits with the cast and crew to learn more.

Taking inspiration from vampire movies in the 80s, Director Richard Harlost is putting a modern twist on his film Bloodfly. Harlost wanted his film to give a different feel than other popular vampire movies, and he says the pandemic helped him create a concept unlike others.

“Everybody was being affected by COVID differently, and I wanted it so that in this vampire movie when someone was bit they may take on different traits. They may be more angry, they may have different abilities, and psychic abilities,” says Harlost.

They started production on the movie back in October of 2020, and have filmed in various locations inside of Binghamton and Syracuse taking advantage of the unique places throughout upstate New York.

While COVID did cause some issues it didn’t stop the cast and crew from eagerly putting on this production.

Casting Director Michelle Dibernardo is a longtime friend of Harlost and has been with him for the whole production process. She is excited as the filming is coming to an end and she sees all the hard work being recognized.

“Seeing the vision come to. The creativity is just amazing, everybody coming together and working. This is not a one person thing,” says Dibernardo.

Dibernardo worked hard with the crew to cast a diverse group of actors that would be perfect fits for the roles.

Danielle Duke came from New York City to play the role of Sam, the life of the party who finds herself in a sticky situation.

“Richard Harlost, the writer and Director he really made sure to have a great diverse group of kids in it which I really appreciate. And also when I read the character Sam I just thought she was a Hoot and a Holler, and I really wanted to be a part of it, and I’m so fortunate that I am,” says Duke.

As production wraps up, and the editing and distribution plans begin Bloodfly will soon be viewable from your own home.

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