Black Owned Business 607: Triple J Farm


WINDSOR, NY – This week’s Black Owned 607 segment features a family-operated chicken farm that serves customers in our area and New York City.

Triple J Farm has been in business for the last 8 years, when James Minton retired as a sheet metal worker, and moved to our area.

Minton says he founded the farm after having success selling eggs at the church he attended.

The 20-acre establishment now has around 800 egg-laying hens, plus cows, goats, bees, cane corso dogs, apple trees and maple trees.

He says things have been working out pretty well for the business.

“We have a couple of bakeries that buy eggs from us, 30 dozen at a time. Then we have a restaurant 15 to 20 dozen at a time. We get an order from maybe 100 dozen, 200 dozen a month,” says Minton.

The 3 J’s are for Minton, and 2 of his grandsons, Darryl, who’s middle name is John, and Jarrad Nwameme .

Nwameme is also the director of Operations at the farm, and drives product down to the city where he can sell it to restaurants in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

He says taking care of all the animals on the farm can occupy an entire day.

“My grandfather, my cousin’s day is really spent waking up, feeding the chickens, giving them water, cleaning out the hens, putting shavings down, moving these trailers that you see right here. That’s so they can be considered free-range chickens as well,” says Nwameme.

You can see all that the farm has to offer by visiting

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