BINGHAMTON, NY – This week’s Black Owned 607 segment features a paving business with roots that go back 8 decades.

We caught up with Woolfolk Paving Company as its crew was fixing some damage in the NewsChannel 34 parking lot in the Town of Binghamton.

Woolfolk focuses on parking lots and driveways for commercial and residential customers and is occasionally a subcontractor on state jobs.

Owner Willie Woolfolk’s father George and Uncle Len started the business in the 1930’s, splitting their time between summers in our area and winters doing work in Georgia.

It’s a practice the company continues to follow today.

Willie Woolfolk says his dad and uncle paved the way for him.

“We’ve been blessed. I took that name that they started. It wasn’t all about me. It was about God and them. And I’m still holding the name, Woolfolk Paving Company,” says Woolfolk.

Woolfolk says he has more work than he can handle at times.

He employs between 5 and 8 workers at any time.

And he offers jobs and training to Black men interested in learning the trade.

“We try to hire people to help people. That does not matter about race. I’m the only Black, Afro-American in this area that’s doing this type of work. And we’re still going, still hanging on by the grace of God,” says Woolfolk.

Woolfolk says reliability and attention to detail has lead to a lot of repeat business and referrals so he never has to advertise.

If you’d like to call about a job, the number is 770-7134.

He says he’s had that same number for over 35 years.