BINGHAMTON, NY – This week’s Black Owned 607 features a local baker whose business is growing and evolving.

Kizzy-Ann Short owns Sinful Indulgence.

Since 2008, she’s been catering events in our area.

While she was originally a full-service caterer, in recent times she has narrowed her focus to desserts.

Short bakes a lot of cakes and other sweet treats.

She says she has the knowledge and experience to create whatever the customer wants.

“You can get anything from peach cobbler to a traditional dessert like baklava. Whatever it is, I literally don’t say no. Even if I have to research it, and do a crash course, I do that and I’m proud to say I usually deliver with no complaints,” says Short.

Before starting Sinful Indulgence, Short had already spent her career in food service.

While she’s doesn’t feel that race has significantly impacted her baking business, she says she did experience racism in her previous work.

“Even though I was the best at what I did, I wasn’t treated that way. I had to prove myself and I was picked at more, got in trouble for things that just didn’t make any sense. That was part of the reason for me to just do my own business, I’m in control of everything,” says Short.

Short says Sinful Indulgence has received a big boost from her participation in the Support Black Business 607 Facebook page.

She’s now looking to introduce a retail arm of her business by selling spices, syrups and teas online.

For more information, go to Sinful Indulgence NY on Facebook.