Black Owned 607: Nature’s Design


JOHNSON CITY, NY – And now to our new weekly feature Black Owned 607 in which we spotlight local businesses owned by African-Americans.

Today, we visit a health food store with a diverse selection and a diverse clientele.

Nature’s Design has been open at 79 Glenwood Avenue in Binghamton for the past year.

It’s owned by Vondell Stephenson and her husband Andrew.

It carries almost exclusively plant-based products appealing to vegetarian, vegan and health conscious customers.

There’s fruits and vegetables, including fresh blueberries grown on the Stephenson farm.
Plus a wide array of vitamins and supplements.

Vondell says she’s long been interested in how diet can lead to good health.

“Progressively learning about my body, learning about how it functions and I have not arrived. I’m still learning. It actually has been a lifesaver for me,” says Vondell.

Prior to opening the current location, the Stephensons had a smaller store and resource center in the Town of Triangle for 10 years.

Nature’s Design carries certain products that are gluten free and soy free and has a wide selection of nuts, seeds, beans and grains.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for it. So, in my way of thinking, it’s not ask what people can do for me, but what I can do to make a difference in the community that I live in,” says Vondell.

Nature’s Design also has a small cafe area and cooks a number of prepared foods including veggie burgers, potato salad and it’s particularly well-known for its vegetarian soups.

The store is open Sundays noon to 5, Monday through Wednesday 10 to 5 and Thursdays 10 to 6.

They are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

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