BINGHAMTON, NY -This week’s Black Owned 607 features a young entrepreneur who has turned a hobby into a fledgling business.

Lilly’s Luxuries is a line of soaps and candles produced by 14 year-old Lilly Williams who attends Binghamton High School.

Lilly’s interest in soaps goes back to when she was seeking relief for her eczema skin condition and found relief using oat soap.

That turned into a hobby last year when she started producing her own scented soaps and candles.

She orders much of her materials online and says she’s learned a lot about soap making on the internet.

“I saw it on YouTube. I kept on looking at it and it was so cool how people made it with flowers and different kinds of colors,” says Williams.

Lilly says she had experience selling things from her days in Girl Scouts so one month ago she began selling her products.

Besides oat soap, she makes soap with rose petals, sunflower and her personal favorite flower lillies.
Candle fragrances include cupcake and mint.

Lilly’s mother Gigi Marcus says racism in our country has hurt the self-esteem of many children of color.

Marcus says having a successful business is one way that Lilly can showcase something positive.

“Planting that seed, there’s something I can do that I love and the hobby can turn into something bigger later. It’s important to support when your kid says I want to do something and you just go with it the best that you can and see where it branches off,” says Marcus.

Lilly says she plans to save the money she makes for college.

Lilly’s Luxuries have recently been featured on the popular local Support Black Business Facebook page.

Her products are available for sale at Wesley’s Corner Store on Grand Avenue in Johnson City or through her Instagram account at Lillys Luxuries 2020.