This week’s Black Owned 607 features a man who has turned a hobby working with his hands into a side hustle.

Eddie Thomason launched ET WoodWorks last November out of his garage in Binghamton.

He began by focusing on cutting boards and has expanded into producing furniture, such as dining tables and coffee tables, and other wood-crafted items.

Thomason prefers to work with hardwoods including walnut, maple and cherry and even some exotic woods such as purple heart, Brazilian cherry and cedar.

He says his favorite part of the process is when he reveals the finished item to his customer.

“Taking a product to a client and it’s absolutely spot-on what they wanted, and you get the reaction of like, ‘Ahh!’ this is my product and this is great, a great experience working with it. I think that’s the best part,” says Thomason.

Thomason says his business was launched through the Support Black Business 607 Facebook page which inspired our own series.

He says after he posted an image of a charcuterie board that he created for his aunt, the orders started flooding in.

He says he now has a broad customer base.

“That’s what I love here locally. It’s not just one race that is supporting ET WoodWorks. It’s a bunch of different people from different backgrounds. That’s really our entire M.O. Having a bunch of people and being able to communicate and unify together around a dinner table, around some type of food preparation so that you can have that sense of community and togetherness,” says Thomason.

Thomason says he enjoys working with clients to determine what they want and then uses computer software to help in the design.

He says he offers quarterly giveaways on his Instagram page.

You can find out more at and that the best way to reach him is through Facebook messenger.