BINGHAMTON, NY- Our Black Owned 607 series returns tonight with a profile of a fashion boutique that focuses on the unique.

Dayseon’s is located at 192 Main Street in Binghamton.

The urban clothing store sells clothes, shoes, belts, hats, jewelry and more for men and women.

Owner Serita Thompson first opened a store called Simply Me Boutique with her mother but changed the name to Dayseon’s to honor her son.

And it’s a true family affair with her cousins helping out at the store.

She says her goal is to offer affordable items that you can’t find anywhere else.

“It’s basically for my kids and the community. It’s hard to go shopping here. I used to always travel to go shopping. I don’t have to do that anymore. Plus, I wear my own stuff,” says Thompson.

Thompson’s mother died 3 years ago and she’s often questioned whether to continue.

She believes some of her difficulty stems from racism.

And it’s been hard to get people to know about her business.

“It was a big struggle. I was struggling with whether or not I wanted to keep it open, or do I want to close it? Before my mother passed she kept on saying, ‘You’ve got to give it 5 years. You’ve got to give it some time.’ I was losing hope in the beginning because the only people that were supporting me were my family and friends. It was hard,” says Thompson.

But that all began to change, Thompson says, when she started getting featured on the Support Black Business 607 Facebook page that inspired our series.

Now, with her sales picking up, she’s been able to expand her inventory.

She’s even considering adding children’s clothing in the future.

Dayseon’s is open Monday through Thursday from noon until 7 and Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 9.

You can find out more information by going on her Facebook page, Dayseon’s Fashion.

Or visit their website.