BINGHAMTON, NY – The one year anniversary of this Black Owned 607 small business is coming up in a few days.

Dinesha Ramie started Dah Ra Mie events just about a year ago, but has actually been event planning for over a decade.

The name is a play on the song Do Re Me, and her tag line is they plan events and create memories on any scale.

Ramie says her husband is a huge help, as are her siblings and the few employees she has.

She says the idea to start the business came from home.

“I think the inspiration came from when I started having children, I have 3 littles. Just seeing their faces light up when you put things together for them, it’s just a lot of fun. I wanted to share that with the rest of the community,” says Ramie.

She says planning for an event 3 months in advance is ideal.

Ramie says she’s constantly keeping up with the trends to make every event fun and unique.

Everything she does is completely customizable and she thinks that is what makes her different from other businesses like hers.