BINGHAMTON, NY – Black Owned 607 returns this week with a makeup artist looking to bring your inner beauty out to the world.

Queens native Denise McCarthy is the owner and sole operator of Beauty Marks by Denise, which was founded about a year ago.

She has been doing makeup since high school, but finally decided on going into business for herself.

McCarthy does makeup for customers, and also offers different kinds of eyelashes and makeup brushes, and has a cosmetic line in the works.

She says running a home business during the pandemic has not been as difficult as she feared it would be.

“People weren’t able to shop in stores, so they looked to whoever is local so that they can get on hand. That made it easier for me because a lot of people started to come to me for the things that I have,” says McCarthy.

The owner says she is proud to be in her current situation because she has already exceeded 1 important goal.

She is a business owner at age 27, when she wanted to be one by at least 30.

Even so, McCarthy says it is sometimes difficult reaching out to different cultures.

“It could be because right now we are in the middle of a movement. More people are starting to support Black Owned businesses. I wouldn’t say it is abnormal for them to come to a Black Owned business for makeup or whatever it is that they are looking for at this time,” says McCarthy.

Natural looking lashes are just $5, while the business’s dramatic lashes are 10.

It also offers 2 different sets of brushes.

One costs $12 while its detail pack costs $30.

You can set up an appointment and get more information, including special holiday deals, by searching Beauty Marks by Denise on Facebook and Instagram.