Black Owned 607: 52 Vt-K Combat Concepts and Conditioning


BINGHAMTON, NY – Our Black Owned 607 segment features a business that teaches self protection rather than just self defense.

52 Vt-K Combat Concepts and Conditioning is holding its grand opening tomorrow inside its new studio within the NYPenn Trade Center at 435 Main Street in Johnson City.

Owner and Head Instructor Kenneth “Shadow” Goodman teaches a blend of combative arts taken from a variety of African-American traditions.

Goodman began his business with his wife Jessica in 2014, first teaching students in his living room and then moving on to hold classes at the Y.

His sole focus is teaching people to protect themselves before having to defend themselves.

Goodman says a defensive mindset is a victim’s mindset.

He says his techniques are efficient and practical and help his students find their own combative voice.

“I give you a concept, I teach concepts, and then I help you find the best way for you to express that concept and the best way for you to be effective. I’m not trying to force you to fight like somebody else, I want you to fight like you. I want you to be able to protect yourself like you because that’s the best way for you to be effective,” says Goodman.

Goodman’s school and its name pulls from a variety of combat systems including 52 blocks, Ving Tsun, Kali and Krav Maga.

He says the Black tradition of combat arts dates back to when slaves were forced to fight each other to entertain their owners.

Over the years, some techniques were created in prisons and refined on the streets.

Goodman says these traditions aren’t always respected by the broader martial arts community.

“Because it’s created by American Blacks, it gets marginalized. People, for whatever reason, don’t want to acknowledge the contribution that we make to anything. Martial arts is no different, or combative arts in no different,” says Goodman.

Goodman teaches students of all backgrounds either in group classes or 1 on 1 instruction.

A grand opening will be held tomorrow from 1 to 5 with demonstrations, information and refreshments.

52 Vt-K Combat Concepts and Conditioning is located in Suite 211A in the NYPenn Trade Center.

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