BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – In recent years, schools across the country have been adjusting their logos and team names to become more inclusive.

Binghamton City School District is following suit, and changing the school’s patriots logo.

The school held an a district-wide artwork contest to determine which graphic would be the best.

Last Friday, at the high school, there was an unveiling ceremony to commemorate the top three finalists in the competition, as well as showcasing the new patriots star logo.

9th Grader at Binghamton High School Ivelissia Nunez-Thongthip said, “I just felt like a star would be inclusive and it’s not too specific or anything, it’s just, neutral. And I thought that the colors red, white, and blue would be perfect for the Binghamton Patriots; I just brought it all together.”

The competition included students, staff and faculty of the Binghamton school district.

9th grader Jaidah Pitt came in second place, followed by Morgan Taylor, a Binghamton graduate and employee in 3rd.

You can already see the logo on banners around the high school, the football team’s helmets, merchandise, and soon, it will be just about everywhere.