Binghamton’s own Kevin Boettcher is securing a name for himself in the world of Jeopardy.

The Binghamton University Administrator returned for his second night of gameplay, and his first as the champion.

Boettcher won a closer competition this time, winning $26,401 dollars.

He even earned a laugh during his short interview with Alex Trebek.

Alex Trebek says: “Kevin Boettcher is our champion, he’s a university administrator who once had to bribe his way out of Bolivia. Sounds like something out of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. What happened in Bolivia?”

Kevin Boettcher says: “My wife and I were traveling after college and we overstayed our tourist visa by four days and got stopped at the border. So I used a trick I learned years before where I said to the border guard, ‘In my country we can just pay a fine in these situations, can I just hand you this cash?’ and he let us through.”

Alex Trebek says: “How much cash did you hand him?”

Kevin Boettcher says: “I think it was a hundred Bolivianos which at the time was about six dollars.”

Alex Trebek says: “You got a good deal.”

See if Boettcher can claim a third win when he appears on Jeopardy again tonight at 7:30, on WIVT NewsChannel 34.