BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) As move-in day quickly approaches, Binghamton University is preparing to welcome new and returning students to the campus after seeing a record-breaking number of applications this year.

Binghamton is set to welcome 18,600 students beginning August 18 for the 2023 fall semester. Over 3,000 students will be joining the campus for their first year along with 750 transfer students and 1,500 new graduate students as well.

“The Class of 2027 represents some of the most academically gifted students we have ever seen,” said President Harvey Stenger.  I’m excited to welcome this new class to Binghamton, as they will have a significant impact on not only the campus but also the surrounding community.”

Binghamton received a record number of 58,400 applications this year, a 19% increase from last year’s record of 50,100 applications.

“Binghamton has built a strong academic reputation, not just around the country, but around the globe,” said Provost Donald Hall. “The caliber of this incoming class is a testament to the University’s distinction as a top-tier institution, and we are honored to welcome such an impressive crop of students.” 

Classes for all of Binghamton’s approximate 18,600 students begin August 22.