A pair of Binghamton University students are being rewarded for their innovation.

The Student Entrepreneurship Grant Program is a partnership between the college and Broome County that funds student startups that stay in the county.

The winners receive grants of $5,000 and are able to start their companies in the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator.

One of this year’s winners is Matthew Gill, the founder of Enhance VR.

Enhance VR is looking to further the possibilities of virtual reality.

Gill says it was an honor to be a grant recipient and he is looking forward to calling Binghamton the home for his business. “It is really great to be made here. The more I keep talking and meeting other people from the area, finding out the different paths and history we have here. With Ed Link and virtual reality and motion simulation. It’s really incredible to be here. I see the opportunity with this project that we’re trying to develop to retain more students like was mentioned so we can keep great artists, engineers, computer scientists in the area so we can continue to develop this system.”

The other winner was Hazell McKenzie founder of AdamaDoll.

Her company produces a specialized doll to assist children who may have suffered from abuse.

It’s designed to encourage open discussion, helping the child feel less intimidated to provide information.